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Website Creation

We create modern websites using the latest best practices including html5, css3, jquery, php and mysql. You don't need to know what they are, just send us your text and images and we will turn it into a website.

Email & Webmail

A customised email address looks great so we give you your first email account free with hosting. Accessable through a local email application like Outlook, on you smart phone or from any internet computer using webmail.

Email accounts can be created on your domain if required which can be accessed with popular mail clients such as outlook or you could use the webmail address that will provided to access your email from any internet browser. One email address can be set as catch-all to receive email sent to a miss spelled and deleted email accounts for that domain. We can create as many email accounts as you need.

Our Hosting, Secure & Green

All our hosting is managed by us on a Memset server in the UK. Memset are award-winning providers of dedicated servers, VPS (virtual servers), managed hosting, and cloud IaaS.

Using Memset as a web service allows us to provide our customers with a reliable and secure hosting solution. They are a UK based, eco friendly and family run business, and have provided an amazing service to us since 2009.

Everyone Needs a Website

There is no doubt in the importance of a business having a website, at the least to meet peoples expectations and business credibility, but it is also a chance to create a great first impression. A fresh, modern website that is up to date and mobile friendly makes a difference to todays intelligent and resourceful consumers.

What Makes a Great Website

There are many factors including font, colour, contrast and empty space that create the visual appearance of a website that should reflect the genre of the website market or purpose. In other words the atmosphere of the website must convey the same message as the content itself. Therefore we might expect a website with serious content to have straight lines, rigid fonts, and low constrasting colour where as a website with comic content could have overlapping layout and bright colours and fun font types.

Web Design Technology

We use the latest coding techniques like HTML5 and CSS3 and we test for common browser and mobile compatability where required. For any required programming tasks we use PHP server side and jQuery client side and comment the code where neccessary. Any website data storage that is needed we use MySQL with minimal access rights for data security.

Creating Interesting & Engaging Content

Content is the most important part of any website. We can help to ensure the content contains the right keywords in the right places and that it is properly layed out. With large text areas it can be a good idea to break it up into digestable chunks and include sub headings or bullet lists to help the user find relative information. Attracting the user to important text can be achieved by creating blockquotes or highlighting with alternative colour or bold text. All the images should be optimised for the web to ensure faster loading. This is achieved by resizing and sometimes changing the colour balance, contrast and brightness. Creating better more interesting content will keep the vistor on your site for longer which generally means a better visitor to customer conversion.

The Importance of Beauty and Function

The first impression of a beatiful website shows that the people/person behind it cares and we all want to work with people that care and take pride especially if you are paying them for a product or service.

Functionality is part of a website that is often overlooked, if a website does not function as the user expects, they will get frustrated and leave. We test every part of our websites to ensure they work as intended. To ensure the user is welcomed with a fluid and intuitive experience on your website , we check every link, button and hover effect work and correct any obvious spelling and grammer.

SEO and User Experience

Each page should have a purpose with a descriptive title and heading, it should start be getting straight to the point and then entice the user to want to read on when interested. All the clickable items on each page should be clearly formatted in a consistant manner so any action get an expected result. Page navigation should be clear with the neccessary indictaions of site structure displayed if neccessary like breadcrumbs and menu formatting. A user should never feel lost or confused.

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